DiSC Classic® Facilitation Report


Uses: Improving workplace communication, Conflict Resolution, Management, Team building

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Features of DiSC Classic Facilitation Report

The DiSC Facilitator Report is a customized group report using data from DiSC Classic 2.0, or DiSC PPSS. The report includes an illustration of the group’s distribution of DiSC styles, the group’s Classical Pattern distribution, and detailed information on how each individual’s DiSC style may affect the DiSC culture within the group or organization.

  • Designed for exclusive use by the Facilitator
  • Includes distribution of DiSC styles and participant names
  • Will need to purchase a DiSC Classic 2.0 Report for EACH team member
  • Only need to purchase one Facilitator Report for your entire team
  • Includes a FREE Team View Bonus Report: DiSC Classic Team View

Participants must have completed their DiSC Classic solutions to use as a foundation for the facilitation report.

*Information derived from: http://demo.everythingdisc.com/Solutions.aspx

Note: You will receive a confirmation email upon purchasing assessment that will guide you through to the assessment link. 


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