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Hello and welcome to Skillblenders!

We are passionate about providing coaching, facilitation, and assessments that help people to grow professionally and expand their understanding of themselves and working with others. We are Authorized Partners for Everything DiSC® and The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™ and utilize their programs in many of our workshops.

So, why the name Skillblenders? Each person and organization is a blend of their own skills, experiences and values. In our interactive workshops, consulting and coaching, our goal is to provide those experiences where participants discover their strengths and how they can be more effective in their career, team and/or organization.


Whether you’re currently employed or seeking a new job, we’re here to help. We’ll help you define and discover your personal brand, which can help determine your next career step and develop effective leadership at work.


Effectiveness in accomplishing goals is valuable to all groups. We facilitate leadership development, communication improvement, team cohesiveness, and strategic planning to improve effectiveness.


By partnering with Wiley’s Everything DiSC® and The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™, we have access to their advanced tools, resources and research that provide insights to your development goals.


We’re really passionate about talent development.  Growth of people and teams is what fuels Skillblenders.

Founder Deb Terry

Deb has over 20 years of experience facilitating individual, group, and organization learning and leadership development. As a leadership coach, she has partnered with clients to leverage their personal strengths, understand the impact of their behavioral style, identify what they want to achieve and develop practical actions to meet their goals. She has extensive experience in coaching diverse leadership to become more effective in their roles. Her practical, co-active approach includes an understanding of the context of the organization’s culture and individual’s support system.  She has coached people in the manufacturing, marketing, supply chain, information technology, health care and non-profit areas.

Deb has experience facilitating leadership development with emerging and mid-level talent In medium to large organizations.   A key element of her approach for coaching and leadership development is based upon an understanding of the individual’s behaviors and how it impacts how they lead themselves and others.

In a consultative role, Deb has worked regionally, nationally and globally with leadership on a variety of topics that includes: organizational effectiveness, strategic planning, developing emerging and diverse talent, career development, team building, customer service and onboarding new leaders and their teams.

Deb is a certified facilitator for proven programs that have contributed to the success of Fortune 200 companies such as Whirlpool Corporation, Chassix, Lake Michigan College, and Ohio University. She has thousands of hours of hands-on facilitation using:

  • The Five Behaviors of an Effective Team™
  • Everything DiSC®
  • DDI® (Development Dimensions International) Resources and materials
  • As well as other customized workshops

In addition, Deb holds a master’s degree from the University of Illinois School of Labor Relations. Her unique blend of education and experience helps teams and work groups spark meaningful and purposeful discussions, put assessment insights into action, create empathy and understanding of other working styles, help individuals develop a broader understanding of themselves and their relationships, and explore their potential. Managers and executives often turn to her for personal coaching to enhance their own vision, narrative, and leadership style. All who work with Deb discover how to tap into their unique blend of skills and experiences to work more effectively.

Certifications and significant study in leadership development, coaching, facilitation, human resources, individual effectiveness, and career development from numerous organizations.  Specific certifications include: Everything DiSC®, FIve Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™ and DDI facilitation and experienced in MBTI.  Have completed various coaching training, including CTI’s Fundamentals of Coaching.  Has earned a PCC, Professional Certified Coach certification from the International Coaching Federation.


Over the past few years, Deb has coached me through some of my most difficult challenges as an employee and people leader. Her ability to keenly listen, understand and guide me towards discovering solutions made our discussions instrumental in my leadership development. Deb practices exactly what she teaches and this affords those she coaches and mentors, the opportunity to witness best practices in conflict resolution, leading diverse teams and creating safe environments for individuals to speak up where they otherwise would not. I highly recommend Deb’s coaching expertise to individuals and organizations who are dedicated to nurturing strong leadership principles and fostering sustainable growth within diverse environments.

I have partnered with Deb Terry since December 2009. She has helped me and my business concerning various programs which have used the DiSC methodologies and products from Skillblenders/Wiley, as well as, her varied coaching expertise from multiple professional experiences with different businesses.

Deb is extremely knowledgeable in the area of coaching and organizational development, especially where the leadership talent is new to the organization.

Deb has vast experience partnering with Whirlpool’s Global Learning and Development team to advise, create, test and facilitate several of Whirlpool’s Leadership Development programs including being an advisor to Whirlpool Diversity with Inclusion Employee Resource Group(ERG) Strategy and the eight different individual ERG programs

Deb has also helped my business division, the Customer eXperience Center, with her DiSC tools and programs which have helped our employees assist our inbound consumers to understand their needs and how to effectively communicate to that person. When our employees understand how they would respond to a different personality or behavior type has been a winning formula for our business because “hearing” what our consumer really wants is the easiest path to answering or resolving that person’s question or concern.


Enterprise Operations Manager

I have worked with Skillblenders on a variety of projects, specifically personal coaching and content delivery. During my time with Deb as my personal coach, she reviewed my personal assessments and helped me put together a coaching plan to act on some of the feedback and opportunities that had been identified. We met regularly for about 12 months to keep on track of the goals we had set up and she was able to help me brainstorm around the roadblocks I came up against to stay on track to my development goals.

After my coaching with Deb, I was able to move into a new role outside of my background and get off to a fast start because I was realistic about knowing where my strengths were and how to build support for my ideas in my new role. Since my coaching with Deb I have been promoted twice in 3 years and continue to build my knowledge of my organization and how I can bring my best self forward in every situation.


I’ve engaged Deb as a service provider for over eight years at Lake Michigan College whenever I have a client looking for high caliber leadership teambuilding and/or customer service training.

I know Deb will deliver not only proven workshops and activities that bring results but she is always searching for better and more efficient ways of working together and communicating. I know her programs will yield high marks at evaluation time.


Using DiSC and MyEverythingDiSC.com

Love the website!!  What a great tool!  This(Using MyEverythingDiSC.com) will be on the agenda and I’m encouraging my guys to thoroughly review their individual reports.  We’ll also cover the group comparison for my team.  I’ll listen to the podcast for my Di style!


Senior Engineering Manager

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