Leadership Coaching

If you’re looking to become more effective in your current role or aspire to a future role within the workplace, Skillblenders’ Leadership Effectiveness Coaching helps you take three steps to achieve that goal: self-awareness, self-efficacy, and application.

Skillblenders will work with you on how to be more effective with your leadership approach and how to define who is in your “sphere of influence” so that you can learn to build followership.

Our potential approach can consist  of six steps:

  1. Discussing and defining your coaching goals.
  2. Understanding your current state.
  3. Defining your leadership style and future state.
  4. Determining who is in your “Sphere of Influence” and how to work with those people.
  5. Apply to real life situations.
  6. Develop action plan.

We can meet face to face, via Skype or phone!


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