New Leader Onboarding

Making the Smoothest Transition

With a new leader, a level of anxiety arises. What is he about? How will she lead? How will he be different from our former boss? Studies show that this can impact productivity.

A tool used in many organizations is a new leader onboarding meeting. This tool can help jumpstart productivity by about six months by bringing the team together to answer and discuss the concerns and to get an understanding of the new leader’s style and approach.

In addition, as organizations evolve they need to look at the effectiveness of their team. Are we aligned with the organization’s Mission, Vision, and Goals? Are truly performing as a team and delivering what we promise to our customers? At times it becomes imperative to have the team take the time to understand themselves, how they interact with each other and how to leverage each other’s strengths to deliver the organization’s goals.

Finally, specific individuals may need assistance to understand themselves and how their style enables or blocks others from achieving the goals. This approach addresses these issues.



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