Career Coaching

Defining Your Next Career Chapter


Skillblenders’ coaching will help you discover, create and plan the next stage in your career journey. We will work together to first identify your unique blend of skills, values and experiences and then build the path to your ideal role.

It is important that you understand not only what your personal blend—or brand—is, but also what you are passionate about. You spend at least eight hours a day in your job; why not find a match between your skills and what gets you “jazzed up”?

Skillblenders customizes our approach to meet your individual needs. We can meet face to face locally, or across country via phone. Whether you are in career transition or just want to refine your resume for your upcoming job search, we can help! Here is a sample process which we customize to meet your objectives:

Sample process:

1. Discover career objectives and identify your passions, skills, values and unique experiences.

2. Develop your personal brand statement: who are you and what do you have to offer?

3. Identify your top ten accomplishments to create your personal “commercial.”

4. Build your resume.

5. Plan your job search with an emphasis on managing your points of contact.

6. Prepare and practice your interview skills.

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